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Younger Age Category

Hungary and Germany share top of 2021 YAC ranking

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Following a quiet year due to the pandemic, 2021 has once again seen a traditional summer full of Younger Age Category events.

No less than 10 (indoor) championships for women’s 17, women’s 19 and men’s 19 national teams have been played across Europe in July and August.

The YAC summer started in July with the W19 EHF EURO 2021 in Slovenia and the accompanying EHF Championships in North Macedonia and Italy. Next up in August was the W17 EHF EURO 2021 in Montenegro, with EHF Championships in Georgia and Lithuania. Finally, the men took the courts at the M19 EHF EURO 2021 in Croatia, with EHF Championships in North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Latvia.

eurohandball.com compiles YAC national team ranking

Just like two years ago, eurohandball.com has compiled a national team ranking summarising all YAC events this summer. The ranking system is based on the performance of each national team at the respective event, following the same pattern applied for the official senior national team rankings.

For instance, there are 80 points for winning an EHF EURO event, 76 for becoming runners-up, 72 for finishing third; and 34 points for winning an EHF Championship.

In 2019, Hungary came out on top. This summer, Hungary are up there again, mainly thanks to a repeat of their 2019 triumphs at both the W17 and W19 EHF EURO – but they are sharing the top position for 2021 with Germany, who lost the final of the W17 EHF EURO to Hungary, and won the M19 EHF EURO last week. Third on the ranking are Croatia, just ahead of Denmark.

The only other nation besides Hungary to have won more than one YAC event this summer are Netherlands, who triumphed in an EHF Championship both on W17 and W19 level.

Overall YAC summer ranking 2021:

1. Hungary – 208 points
    Germany – 208
3. Croatia – 196
4. Denmark – 192
5. Russia – 178
6. Sweden – 160
7. France – 156
8. Romania – 150
9. Norway – 148
10. Spain – 130

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Hungary dominate women’s events – again

What a performance from Hungary! They impressed by winning both the W17 and W19 EHF EURO two years ago, and they managed to do it all again this summer.

So, there is no way past Hungary as the women’s No. 1 this summer, well ahead of Russia, who won silver at the W19 and bronze at the W17 European Championship.

Germany, the W17 EHF EURO silver medallists, share third place with Denmark, who failed to win a medal this summer but have done well to finish fourth at the W17 and sixth at the W19 European Championship.

Women's YAC summer ranking 2021:

1. Hungary – 160 points
2. Russia – 148
3. Germany – 128
    Denmark – 128
5. Croatia – 120
    Romania – 120
7. France – 112
8. Norway – 108
9. Sweden – 104
10. Switzerland – 88

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Germany lead the way on men’s side

Added to the schedule after the cancellation of IHF championships, the men’s 19 events closed the busy YAC summer schedule – with Germany coming out on top. They won the M19 EHF EURO 2021 by defeating hosts Croatia in the final, while Spain took the bronze.

No surprise then that these teams are the top three in the men’s ranking.

Poland, Faroe Islands and Montenegro each won an EHF Championship, though those results do not earn them a place in the men's top 10.

Men’s YAC summer ranking 2021:

1. Germany – 80 points
2. Croatia – 76
3. Spain – 72
4. Slovenia – 68
5. Denmark – 64
6. Portugal – 60
7. Sweden – 56
8. Iceland – 52
9. Hungary – 48
10. France – 44

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Provisional YAC summer schedule 2022:

  • 22 June-3 July: W20 World Championship 2022 in Slovenia
  • 27 June-1 July: W16 European Open 2022 (venue tbc)
  • 7-17 July: M20 EHF EURO 2022 (venue tbc)
  • 8-17 July: M20 EHF Championship 2022 (venue tbc)
  • 24-30 July: W17 and M17 European Youth Olympic Festival 2022 in Slovakia
  • 3-14 August: W18 World Championship 2022 in Georgia
  • 4-14 August: M18 EHF EURO 2022 (venue tbc)
  • 8-14 August: M18 EHF Championship 2022 (venue tbc)

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